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Personal Chef Services in Your Home

You can choose from more than 100 dishes and each meal can be customized to meet your preferences.
3 entrees + 3 sides  $320 | 4 entrees + 4 sides  $380

Groceries are additional and charged as reflected on shopping receipt.

meet chef

Meet Chef Mattie

As your personal chef, I’ll visit you at home to:
 1) learn about your favorite kinds of food, your nutritional goals, and food allergies you may have
 2) design a menu according to your wishes

3) review your kitchen space and the tools you have on hand

4) pick a day of the week that works best for you to enjoy your wonderful, home cooked meals!

Cooking Day

I will come to your home that morning with my traveling kitchen essentials and cook all the dishes you selected for that week.   Before I arrive, I will shop for the freshest ingredients at the local markets.  All I will need is some counter space, a working stove and some space in your fridge to store your prepared meals.


Enjoy Your Meals

Your refrigerator is stocked with meals organized in containers labeled with the name of the dish and specific heating and serving instructions. It’s time to relax and enjoy dinner.  

Next Visit

Two days before my next visit you can call, text, or email me what you would like me to cook the following week.

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